What is bb cream?

What stands behind a mysterious abbreviation of BB? "Beauty balm" or "blemish balm" it anything other as beauty balm which looks after skin, possesses the calming and softening properties, and also masks skin shortcomings. As the multipurpose cosmetics on average includes four cosmetic products: the moisturizing cream, cream with SPF protection and the leveling skin color.
In summertime when the most beautiful make-up — natural, and it is necessary for you for entire happiness only effective suntan and the shining smile, BB cream perfectly itself will justify. It is much easier, than foundation, can be also used as base for a make-up. However in summertime it is best of all to use it in the solo version as it doesn't make heavier skin and allows it to breathe freely even in very hot day. Besides, protects skin from sunshine, provides its appropriate level of humidity and won't float if on the person sunbeams get.
BB cream merges with skin, doing your face naturally smooth, and also levels complexion without effect of a mask that is typical for heavy foundations. In more detail about that how to choose the best foundation.
This type of cream was developed by the German druggists for patients who underwent laser surgery to help skin to calm down and almost completely to disguise hems and reddenings. The Asian cosmetic companies borrowed this idea and this cosmetic product became available to wider audience.
Many users of BB of creams note disappearance of an acne, fast healing of scars, grazes and even promote prevention of emergence of any skin problems, on condition of regular use of cream.
Some widespread questions of BB creams:

Whether will replace BB cream my daily moisturizing cream?

Yes, it is cream for every day which also levels tone of skin and corrects shortcomings.

Whether skin after drawing BB of cream will shine?

BB cream rassvetlyat skin. Therefore if at you the mixed type of skin you can smatirovat skin in addition. In the main BB cream is recommended for normal skin, but it can be used and for dry skin.

Whether there will be resistant a make-up executed with application of BB of cream?

Yes, if after drawing BB of cream you allow a product to be absorbed in skin. By experience of many such make-up on the contrary will keep even more long.

Whether hammers BB time cream?

The easy consistence of BB of cream shouldn't hammer a time. If you noticed that as a result of use of this cream, a time was hammered — the problem can be in other and it is required to carry out the corresponding peeling simply.