What is bb cream?

What stands behind a mysterious abbreviation of BB? "Beauty balm" or "blemish balm" it anything other as beauty balm which looks after skin, possesses the calming and softening properties, and also masks skin shortcomings. As the multipurpose cosmetics on average includes four cosmetic products: the moisturizing cream, cream with SPF protection and the leveling skin color.
In summertime when the most beautiful make-up — natural, and it is necessary for you for entire happiness only effective suntan and the shining smile, BB cream perfectly itself will justify. It is much easier, than foundation, can be also used as base for a make-up. However in summertime it is best of all to use it in the solo version as it doesn't make heavier skin and allows it to breathe freely even in very hot day. Besides, protects skin from sunshine, provides its appropriate level of humidity and won't float if on the person sunbeams get.
BB cream merges with skin, doing your face naturally smooth, and also levels complexion without effect of a mask that is typical for heavy foundations. In more detail about that how to choose the best foundation.
This type of cream was developed by the German druggists for patients who underwent laser surgery to help skin to calm down and almost completely to disguise hems and reddenings. The Asian cosmetic companies borrowed this idea and this cosmetic product became available to wider audience.
Many users of BB of creams note disappearance of an acne, fast healing of scars, grazes and even promote prevention of emergence of any skin problems, on condition of regular use of cream.
Some widespread questions of BB creams:

Whether will replace BB cream my daily moisturizing cream?

Yes, it is cream for every day which also levels tone of skin and corrects shortcomings.

Whether skin after drawing BB of cream will shine?

BB cream rassvetlyat skin. Therefore if at you the mixed type of skin you can smatirovat skin in addition. In the main BB cream is recommended for normal skin, but it can be used and for dry skin.

Whether there will be resistant a make-up executed with application of BB of cream?

Yes, if after drawing BB of cream you allow a product to be absorbed in skin. By experience of many such make-up on the contrary will keep even more long.

Whether hammers BB time cream?

The easy consistence of BB of cream shouldn't hammer a time. If you noticed that as a result of use of this cream, a time was hammered — the problem can be in other and it is required to carry out the corresponding peeling simply.

How to prepare cocktail Margarita.

Margarita: composition

40 ml of silver tequila
20 ml of orange liqueur (Cointreau)
40 ml of juice of a lime (lemon)

Margarita: recipe
In a shaker to mix tequila, cointreau, juice of a lime and ice. Make a salt border on a glass.
And filter cocktail in a glass.


What symptoms and signs of excitement at men are? How to understand, what the guy already reached the necessary standard, is excited sufficiently, and it is possible to pass to serious approach? In erotic games the emotional, and not just physiological condition of excitement, is desirable, in sufficient or even for extreme degree, plays an important role. We deal with the main signs of sexual excitement at men as to distinguish them.

Signs of sex exaltation at women.

Offensive of female exaltation,  depends on ability of the man to present it caress in a prelude. Not the last role is played also by a situation in which everything occurs, therefore as if constantly there is a chance that someone will come, or this place without hint into place for appointments, hardly the woman will correctly react to man's attempts to excite in it desire. 
How to the man to understand, whether the woman is excited? There is a number of external signs.
At sex exaltation the arterial pressure which proves a hurried breathing, heartbeat and expansion of pupils increases,

Efficiency of the person. Interesting facts

From 6.00 am to 7.00 am: this so-called "window" for memory. This best time for operation of long-time memory. Be sure that all necessary information in this period is acquired best of all.

From 8.00 am to 9.00 am: the most optimum time to put logical thinking into operation. We advise in this period to be engaged in analytical tasks which require as logic, as well as storage.

From 9.00 to 10.00 am: the most successful time to be engaged in analysis of information and the solution of statistical tasks.

What women are preferred by rich men?

Often rich men happen the free because find too much time for career, and on private life at them doesn't remain neither time, nor forces. Well-grounded men start looking for the spouse already at mature age when can guarantee part of affairs with someone to another. So, what to you needs to be that the rich man paid to you attention?

How to make a romantic and pleasant surprise for the girlfriend

Romanticism which frightens some men is peculiar to all women, some irritates, some makes laugh and surprises, but only truly loving it attracts and forces to love even more strongly! For this reason the man in love who wants to please in everything to the second half, does everything possible also impossible in order that it was happy with him! An integral part of female happiness, so it was moved, surprises which each lady looks forward from the prince on a white horse (and on the notice to men steadily are: terribly is disappointed if they aren't present)!

How it is correct to behave with the man?

10 precepts of the ideal wife:

1. The woman has to lead the life, independent of the man.

In order that become the ideal woman you have to have the unique and unique style, you always have to have enough time for friends and a family, and, of course, personal care. You have to love adventures and travel. The real woman is able to enjoy every second of the life, and it is unimportant that: morning jog, a dinner at smart restaurant or a campaign in the wood. Any man wants to see near himself the woman who doesn't set before herself the paramount purpose to marry and the more so isn't in continuous searches of the ideal man.

How to define that the guy virgin?

Each man dreams to be the first sexual partner of the darling, however not each woman will be glad to learn that her guy virgin. Why such injustice? The matter is that experience of the partner is important for a weak half of mankind, after all if the girl and the guy have no experience, it will be more difficult to them to learn to give each other pleasure. The girl with great pleasure to trust in the skilled guy who won't concede to her in skill of love games.
Whether as to learn the virgin the guy? Precisely to answer this question it is worth paying attention to a number of the moments which occur during communication of lovers and, of course, just before sexual intercourse.

How tactfully to refuse the offer of a hand and heart?

Each girl since the childhood dreams to marry the beautiful young man. All fairy tales are written how the prince finds the love further they live together. When the girl becomes more senior she, as a rule, already has a specific man with whom she wants to connect the life. But so happens not always. After all having become more senior the girl turns out long-awaited freedom and can decide itself that to do to her with whom to work, than to be fond how to put on and so on. And such freedom can overflow you completely. In particular if you found good work with possibility of career development.

Diseases of aquarian small fishes and their treatment.

At the correct leaving of a small fish shouldn't be ill but if it nevertheless happened, at once catch a sick individual a net (better made of polyethylene) and put separately.

How to define, what the small fish got sick?

If the small fish is inactive, hides in dark corners of an aquarium, the trunk is covered with a yellowish film, she is for certain sick. Sick small fishes also often rise by a water surface, catch a mouth air, but it can speak and about a lack of oxygen of water.

What pluses in kisses?

What the kiss in general means? Rapprochement of two bodies, mutual contacts and penetrations? Or after all it is a way to express the feelings? But after all it is possible to speak in feelings and without by means of words. The kiss is a manifestation of proximity of soul.

When the child is born, his mother can't simply be kept from kisses of a children's forehead, cheeks, tummy legs and so on. It is a certain maternal way to know the child better.

Dances in night club instead of fitness in the sports hall – why not?

The evening spent in club – the best form of aerobics, is considered by experts. After all the person on a dance floor both jumps, and sweats and that is important, receives especially positive feelings, unlike that he feels, carrying out wearisome exercises under team of the trainer. In it obvious plus of campaigns in club. The similar idea was the basis for unusual trainings of Dance Dance Party Party, is detailed about which it is told in the following article.

Up and down: A diet for weight loss "Roller coaster"

Roller coaster is a not only remarkable attraction when adrenaline burst incredibly reads off scale, but also the name of quite popular diet for weight loss. The diet "Roller coaster" is based on idea of the regular variation of calories in a diet. In case of continuous changes in a diet the organism, according to the nutritionist, can't adapt neither for abundance, nor for a lack of food as is in a stress status and therefore continues to lose weight. In more detail about this diet the speech in this article will go.

Diet "Roller coaster": menu.

The diet "Roller coaster" acquired popularity still in the eighties when Martin Katan wrote the book then he managed to get rid of 30 kilograms of excess weight. A basis of this technique is the principle of systematic change of caloric content of a diet.

HDI, TDI, SDI diesel engines. In what a difference?

As for initial letters in abbreviations, let's sort them below in more detail.

So, the diesel engine with an inscription of HDI is own development of PSA Peugeot Citroen carmaker on the basis of the Common Rail technology. Feature of operation of such engine that the producer regulates a considerable procedural service maintenance period. The owner of the car of these French brands equipped with the diesel engine can drive on HUNDRED for preliminary treatment once over 30 000 km of run. In addition, there is one more advantage. Replacement of a Serpentine belt and belt of hinged units isn't provided during all term of operation of the engine. By the way, the HDI motor not more loudly petrol even works at single turns. These new qualities allowed to borrow to cars with such diesel engine to 50% of the market of France.

How to get rid of spots and eels to teenagers.

At the age of 13 – 18 years of the girl start peering at the face even more often. By this time also the skin type – from sensitive, dry to fat and porous is made out.
Spots will arise much less often if you limit the use of sweet food (especially dark chocolate), strong tea, black coffee, and also a greasy, fried and spicy food. Try to be more in the fresh air. Include fresh vegetables and fruit, fermented milk products in the diet more often.

How it is correct to choose hotel.

If you decided to go to have a rest to the resort, the place of your accommodation will become an important condition of good rest. Most often the hotel becomes it. In this article we will tell you that it is necessary to know about hotels and what questions need to be asked the manager of travel agency, choosing together with him hotel.

How to prepare cocktail from vegetable juice and yogurt Useful tips how to prepare cocktails from vegetable juice and yogurt.

These easy vegetable drinks – simply a well of vitamins. They can be done and drink at all seasons of the year if it is possible to get fresh vegetables, of course.

It is required:
For cocktail with yogurt:

  • 3 average carrots;
  • 1 glass of low-fat creamy yogurt;
  • small bunch of greens of a celery;
  • salt to taste;
  • lemon juice;
  • nutmeg.

How to begin to the makeup artist without experience. The good advice about what to be engaged to the makeup artist at the beginning of the career.

The most creative and fascinating profession for creative persons. Today experts in this area are very demanded. You want to reach worthy position in society by means of this profession? It is necessary to realize some actions.

First steps of the makeup artist

You were already disaccustomed on the makeup artist, spent the decent amount of money. Probably, you will be disappointed, but it not your last attachments. You will need to acquire all necessary tools and a set of professional cosmetics for operation. An excellent way out – e-commerce shops in which it is possible to acquire goods not simply with discounts, but also at the promotional price. Don't buy cheap goods as qualitative isn't cheap. After, it will be necessary to spend for advertizing of own services. At the moment the best presentation and advertizing of the services is a personal site on the Internet. It is possible to publish the operations, cost of services, an operating time, etc. on the website. Will help to advance matter and own business cards and some groups in social networks.

How it is correct to take Sharko shower?

It is known that regular hydroprocedures are capable to support an organism in a tone and promote longevity. A little forgotten partially procedure which is capable to return beauty to restore health to present symmetry – Sharko shower. The well-known scientist Sharko cured in such a way many diseases. This shower has the indications and features of application.

The shower stimulates immunity, blood circulation in general, including microcirculation. He is capable to help at arthritises and various neuralgia, rheumatism, and also at muscular weakness or tension, is shown at violation of exchange processes, after stresses of various intensity, nervous diseases, different pain syndromes.

How care of a suit?

That the suit bought by you kept the original form, it is necessary to watch him carefully. Here some useful tips which will allow to keep to you a suit for many years.

How it is necessary to carry out cleaning of a suit?

You brush suits soft, especially carefully clearing seams and folds, at least once a week.
Effectively to brush a suit of black or brown color, moistened in hot coffee.
For suits also dry cleaning is shown.

How to choose footwear for full feet.

The stylish image is based on well picked up footwear. You shouldn't have three couples of bad footwear, it is better to get one, but good. It is difficult to argue with it. But what then to do to girls for whom any campaign in shop of footwear is a torture? Difficulties arise practically at all, but the most difficult choice falls on at whom a foot of the non-standard size.

How to choose footwear for full feet in the winter and in the fall

The standard volume of a shin worldwide – 35 cm. If the shin has bigger volume that of problems with a choice of boots, simply, not to avoid and you should look for footwear in departments of shop where women's shoes on a full foot are on sale. Thus, girls – owners of full calves are not always owners wide a foot.

Purpose of wedding flowers

By means of wedding flowers it is possible to show the faultless taste and the high status in society. At the same time the bridal bouquet, buttonholes of the groom and flowers on banquet tables has an ability to create bright festive style.

Main tendencies

Wedding bouquets are urged not only to emphasize style of the bride, but also to be in harmony with the general atmosphere of a celebration. Thus they shouldn't eclipse themselves a wedding dress. They have to emphasize magnificence of a dress, but not eclipse him. Therefore it is better to stop the choice on an elegant white bouquet. However today even more often brides choose bright flowers, up to the purple and saturated red. And here a wide choice of beautiful bouquets of flowers which will approach very opportunely on any holiday's eve, especially a wedding.

How correct to choose the hair dryer

The hair dryer, by right is considered not a replaceable thing for any girl and the woman. At his choice, it is necessary to consider only some factors which will be very powerful in his work.

Characteristics to which it is necessary to pay attention:

  • hair dryer power;
  • mode of speeds and management;
  • accessories;
  •  length of a cord and its isolation.

How to choose briquettes.Useful tips about briquettes.

To correct an occlusion or curvature of teeth, the system of briquettes is used. By means of such agents as briquettes which cost is quite available, it is possible to give with high degree of efficiency to your smile of appeal. For a choice of briquettes it is necessary to pay attention not only to their salutary characteristics, but also appearance as it will be necessary to wear such system for an appreciable length of time.

How to look after itself during pregnancy.

The pregnant woman shouldn't forget about that, she first of all the woman at all. And it means that during pregnancy you shouldn't forget about the appearance. Even it is even more, than before pregnancy she has to look after teeth, a skin, fingernails and teeth.

Care of hair

Even if you before pregnancy had dry and brittle hair, to offensive of the second trimester of pregnancy their state considerably will improve. And it is all about the estrogens which are developed at this time by the woman's organism. But it doesn't mean that it isn't necessary to look after them. Try to use shampoos with soft action in combination with the conditioner. Don't forget to use also restoring masks. And here about the hair dryer for the period of pregnancy it is better to forget. And it is even better to remember, about such assistant as the reliable floor conditioner, after all if you are pregnant in the summer, this device is just necessary for you not to feel a discomfort from a heat.