How to prepare cocktail Margarita.

Margarita: composition

40 ml of silver tequila
20 ml of orange liqueur (Cointreau)
40 ml of juice of a lime (lemon)

Margarita: recipe
In a shaker to mix tequila, cointreau, juice of a lime and ice. Make a salt border on a glass.
And filter cocktail in a glass.

Margarita cocktail (Margarita) — one of the most popular cocktails on the basis of tequila, especially in the USA. But Margarita cocktail came from Mexico. However in Mexico popular cocktail — "Paloma"

Recipe of "Margarita"

How to prepare cocktail Margarita? The most perfect balance of the ingredients which are a part of cocktail Margarita is considered the standard of " International Bartenders  Association" (IBA): 

7 parts of tequila,
4 parts of the Tripl Sek liqueur  or Cointreau  
3 parts of juice of a lime or lemon.

Traditionally this cocktail is served in a special glass for "Margarita" — glass option for champagne; sometimes edges of a glass are dipped in salt.There is a lot of options of cocktail.
Cocktail Margarita which recipe implies ice availability, has preparation options with ice cubes in a shaker, is poured on ice in a glass, shaken up with an ice crumb in the blender and even moves without ice.
It is possible to add sweeteners to cocktail — sugar syrup or sugar — berries and fruit (a lime, a lemon, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, a water-melon, orange, mango, bilberry). The main component of correct "Margarita" — juice of a lime which shall be freshly squeezed, and the Mexican medium-sized and thin-skinned lime will give to cocktail a big slightly bitter taste and sharpness, and the Persian lime with a thick thin skin or a lemon will make taste softer.