How correct to choose the hair dryer

The hair dryer, by right is considered not a replaceable thing for any girl and the woman. At his choice, it is necessary to consider only some factors which will be very powerful in his work.

Characteristics to which it is necessary to pay attention:

  • hair dryer power;
  • mode of speeds and management;
  • accessories;
  •  length of a cord and its isolation.

Hair dryer power

From this parameter, the hair dryer productivity, and force of a hot stream of air depends. In a trace behind it, the hair dryer productivity, his maximum temperature and speed of drying increases. Hair dryer power, depends on two parameters. At most a heating element, and at most the electric motor which creates air supply. Process is simple, the basic heating element heats up to the chosen mode, and the fan gives air supply. Hair dryer power, usually fluctuates from his sizes. Small road hair dryers, have power from 150 to 200 W. And larger hair dryers which are used houses or in salons, can reach power from 1600 to 2000 W.

Modes of speeds and management

Usually, management at the hair dryer is keyboard. For the giving force, and force of a heating element, usually two different keys. Keys, have some types of giving. Most often, number of giving no more than three. Three steps of giving, both for temperature, and for speed. In some models, the key of supply of cold air is provided. By her pressing works a special safety lock which interrupts giving of food on a heating element. It is a key, use quite seldom. She is provided for safety. If the key of giving of temperature or speed jams. Usually also this key works. After her pressing, without damage to or to the client, you have time to pull out a fork from the socket.


If to tell about accessories, it usually nozzles. In their set usually three or four look. Thanks to what, the hair dryer becomes universal. In case the hair dryer model which you want to buy, has no in a set of nozzles. They can quietly be bought in addition in the same shop where you also are going to get the hair dryer.

Length of a cord and its isolation

Cord length, powerful factor. From him directly, convenience of use of the hair dryer depends. According to the accepted standards, length has to be to three meters. If to speak about his isolation, usually the cord is rubberized. In other case besides that the cord is rubberized, on him there can be an additional fiber which will protect a cord from changes.