How it is correct to behave with the man?

10 precepts of the ideal wife:

1. The woman has to lead the life, independent of the man.

In order that become the ideal woman you have to have the unique and unique style, you always have to have enough time for friends and a family, and, of course, personal care. You have to love adventures and travel. The real woman is able to enjoy every second of the life, and it is unimportant that: morning jog, a dinner at smart restaurant or a campaign in the wood. Any man wants to see near himself the woman who doesn't set before herself the paramount purpose to marry and the more so isn't in continuous searches of the ideal man.

2. The best friend of the man — is the woman.

The ideal woman always has to be a support for the man. Men want that them constantly admired, rejoiced to their progress, laughed from their jokes, even if they not ridiculous.

3. The man always has to take the first steps.

On this subject there is a huge number of disputes, however most of men after all claim that the real woman never has to do the first steps for acquaintance. All the matter is that in each man there lives the hunter who wants to win. Therefore that woman who for acquaintance takes a step forward of the man, definitely can't apply for a rank of the ideal woman.

4. Men don't love when on them press.

The man wants to be free, at least, him it is impossible to limit to a rigid framework and the more so to press on him. Categorically it isn't recommended to bother the man telephone it is ringing also sms if they concern yours with him the future. And it is best of all to exclude from the lexicon the word marriage or a wedding. Men don't feed special love to life according to the schedule, all just on the contrary, they want that in their life there was a spontaneity.

5. Sexuality of the ideal woman has to be moderate.

Each man wants to see near himself the sexy woman. In too time of the man don't accept open sexual dresses and obscene advances on the first appointments. However if your relations last already long enough and there are a wish to diversify them – manifestation of sexuality will look very pertinently.

6. For sex it is necessary to choose certain time.

Of course that very much pleases that we live in the modern world and to test minutes of intimate proximity it isn't necessary to wait for marriage night. However, despite it, most of women don't realize all importance of this moment and don't understand that fast transition to sex can affect the further relations. At the time of excitement the female organism starts developing a hormone oxytocin thanks to which in the opinion of the man she becomes even more sexual. Proceeding from it the weaker sex wants to warn that too fast transition to intimate proximity can become the reason of that that the relations won't develop out of sex. Moreover real men want to see in us real ladies, but not entertainment for one night.

7. As if the man wanted to play the fool, the woman shouldn't suffer it.

The unworthy behavior of the man gives to you an excess reason to remind him that near him there is the real woman. As if the man not wanted twirl the novel on the party you have to stop these attempts on a root, thus it is worth doing it accurately and imperceptibly. If the man understands that his change can cause a rupture of the relations, he will start valuing you even more. Along with it men respect those women who don't dare to twist a petty intrigue with married men, at most that there can be it friendship.

8. Men want to be surrounded with attention.

Men want that women paid them as much as possible attention! The man wants to see near himself such companion who would render to him start up also small, but after all attention signs. The real woman always wants to give the man joy therefore she remembers all his addictions and hobbies.

9. Only the ideal woman can master search of the real man.

At the ideal woman never arises a question with search of the real man with which she would like to spend the rest of the life. Both partners have to have much in common: identical views on life, identical educational and cultural level, but the most important – both partners have to belong to money equally. Also don't try to follow the theory that contrasts are attracted – in a case this proverb doesn't work with money.

10. To want the man and to love him — these are two different concepts.

For certain each woman had in life such moment when, увидав the man, there was a wish to exclaim: "Here he"! However the true love can't be based on only one look. Really to be convinced of the feelings, it is necessary to recognize the man properly. Undoubtedly, all above-mentioned points aren't the final list of that men want. If at you is what to add, make it, please, in comments. Each man wants to see made near himself the special woman not similar to others. Therefore even strict observance of all above-mentioned points doesn't give an absolute guarantee of that the man will want to see near himself you. It is necessary for you it will be arranged under the beloved so that to correspond to all his ideas of the ideal woman.