How to choose footwear for full feet.

The stylish image is based on well picked up footwear. You shouldn't have three couples of bad footwear, it is better to get one, but good. It is difficult to argue with it. But what then to do to girls for whom any campaign in shop of footwear is a torture? Difficulties arise practically at all, but the most difficult choice falls on at whom a foot of the non-standard size.

How to choose footwear for full feet in the winter and in the fall

The standard volume of a shin worldwide – 35 cm. If the shin has bigger volume that of problems with a choice of boots, simply, not to avoid and you should look for footwear in departments of shop where women's shoes on a full foot are on sale. Thus, girls – owners of full calves are not always owners wide a foot.
That at a choice of footwear causes even more problems. Most often, those boots which are provided for big calves, pay off on big and wide foot. It horrifies female many representatives with a magnificent figure. Because footwear which becomes picked up not for the size by the reason of constant discomfort, and from here both failures, and depressions, etc.

So, before going to do shopping, it is necessary to define precisely with what boots will be worn. Whether they will be put on a thick sock, whether kapron golf. With itself it is necessary to take that subject which is defined in advance in shop.

The style of boots with elastic inserts is one of the most convenient for girls with full calves. At the expense of an elastic band which is inserted into a top, such boots will elegantly sit on a foot. Perfectly boots on a lacing because width of a top is regulated will approach, they will fit well on a foot which has a thin ankle and full caviar.

Boots, with a top from fabric, will actually look on any foot. However such models have minus. Top fabric but is carried eventually, and they will fit already not so densely a foot. There is an excellent model of boots, with a top in the form of an accordion. Thanks to that they are rather free, it will be natural to look.

How to choose footwear for full feet in the spring and in the summer

As soon as there come the first warm days, girls start changing clothes with winter for the summer. Boots and boots go on a regiment, and to the forefront there are shoes, shoe boots and barefoot persons.

So, what summer footwear will suit girls with full feet. The first that it should be noted that at summer footwear there has to be a minimalism. Before a campaign in shoe, it is worth paying attention, to it. It is necessary to avoid in all ways big buckles which will draw excess attention, and also other accessories of the big size. The best choice is monophonic colors of elegance. You shouldn't choose huge heels. The best option is an accurate platform. It speaks very simply if the foot full, a spike heel looks silly, and here a platform is capable not only to extend visually a foot, but also to make her more slender. If, under no circumstances, there is no wish to change a heel for a platform then it is necessary to select a heel not less than 5 cm and no more than 7 cm high.

If the attention was drawn by shoes on the platform soles decorated by tapes, it is necessary to adhere to some rules. The tape (lacings) is thinner, the it will be suitable for a full foot more.

For cool days and fans it is necessary to get shoe boots. Which will be supplied with tops, but also on a platform sole.