Up and down: A diet for weight loss "Roller coaster"

Roller coaster is a not only remarkable attraction when adrenaline burst incredibly reads off scale, but also the name of quite popular diet for weight loss. The diet "Roller coaster" is based on idea of the regular variation of calories in a diet. In case of continuous changes in a diet the organism, according to the nutritionist, can't adapt neither for abundance, nor for a lack of food as is in a stress status and therefore continues to lose weight. In more detail about this diet the speech in this article will go.

Diet "Roller coaster": menu.

The diet "Roller coaster" acquired popularity still in the eighties when Martin Katan wrote the book then he managed to get rid of 30 kilograms of excess weight. A basis of this technique is the principle of systematic change of caloric content of a diet.

Principal provisions of a diet

The diet cycle for weight loss "Roller coaster" makes 3 weeks and as the author of a diet claims, promotes maintenance of high speed of exchange processes in an organism.

Diet and caloric content of a diet

Women need to restrict in the first week diet caloric content to 600 kcal (1-3 days) and to 900 kcal (4-7 days). The second week it is necessary to be content 1200 kcal daily. In the third week again to transfer to low caloric content, just as in the first week, – 600 and 900 kcal. The fourth week – rest, a supply shall be balanced and rational.
For men diet caloric content in the first and third week shall make no more than 1200 kcal – the first 3 days and no more than 1500 kcal – 4-7 days. In the second week – 1800 kcal for all 7 days. The fourth week – rest, and especially it isn't necessary to count calories during this period.
In case of desire after a week of rest the diet can be repeated. For one cycle loss of weight makes about 5-6 kilograms.

Approximate menu of a diet "Roller coaster"

  • Breakfast: 28 g of grain flakes rich with cellulose, ½ bananas and 230 ml of the skim milk.
  • Lunch: 100 g of the skim cheese, 1 slice of bread, fresh cucumber, celery, green salad.
  • Dinner: 100 g of boiled fish, carrots, broccoli and 1/2 grapefruits.

"Roller coaster" is a type of a diet which allows on top to put a small amount of cheese, oil and mustard on bread.
For day it is necessary to drink at least 8 pure glasses, 2 cups of unsweetened coffee or herbal tea.

Diet shortcomings "Roller coaster"

Martin Katan's diet is very inconvenient performed by as requires attentive weighing of each product. Besides, low caloric content in case of the long diet can lead to serious problems with health. Weight is lost, first of all, due to loss of liquid and muscle bulk. To withstand a food allowance which is offered by the author, it is rather difficult because of constant feeling of hunger.

Advantages of a diet "Roller coaster"

Thanks to that diet caloric content regularly changes, the organism doesn't pass into a regime of economy, having decelerated exchange processes. To accelerate a metabolism, Martin Katan recommends to be engaged during a diet in aerobics approximately for 45 minutes a day.