What symptoms and signs of excitement at men are? How to understand, what the guy already reached the necessary standard, is excited sufficiently, and it is possible to pass to serious approach? In erotic games the emotional, and not just physiological condition of excitement, is desirable, in sufficient or even for extreme degree, plays an important role. We deal with the main signs of sexual excitement at men as to distinguish them.

The first symptom of sexual excitement at men

Rather often it is possible to identify signs of sexual excitement at the man on tachycardia, deep breath, a small flush, and at a view of object of desire pupils extend. Fault to all these certificates – increase of arterial pressure, though weak, but nevertheless notable. For a condition of a vozbuzhdennost, sexual or adrenalinic, it is absolutely normal.

The second sign of excitement at men

For audial the best way how to understand that the guy is excited, consists in catching of changes of intonation of the speech. The voice becomes lower, with hoarseness, and at times the man starts stumbling in words, can suddenly become silent, and it is possible to hear signs of man's excitement on a little faltering breath as though he tries to inhale more air after immersion on depth. Violent groan can designate extreme extent of man's excitement – that is peculiar to women more, men in a bed are usually more silent. And, if he suddenly "found a speech power", it can testify to very strong emotional experience which thus finds the way out. Also you can esteem as to excite the man words.

The third symptom of excitement at men

Strong excitement is shown in a little nervous reaction when the man doesn't know where to put hands how to remain sitting on a place, he becomes a little dergany and tries as it is possible to appear closer to a subject of the interest. Really strong excitement causes the strongest emotional reaction to each touch and desire to catch object of the passion, to press to itself, to show force or even roughness, such is man's hunting nature.
Thus he can tell in general nothing, and better if at this moment you also don't ask him about anything, you will simply see that he is completely concentrated on receiving feelings from the passion reigning in the head and madness.

The fourth sign of sexual excitement at men

In spite of the fact that this sign is considered obvious, it is worth mentioning it. Excitement at men gives out such symptom as an eregirovanny penis. But often to consider the erection fact as the sign of excitement isn't necessary – since morning this symbol of love simply reacts to the crowded bladder. Though many men like to have sex in the mornings, including it more interesting, than attempts to squeeze out of themselves energy after the difficult working day. But separately to consider an erection as an excitement sign, without context of the aforesaid moments, isn't necessary. Physiological reaction can result from stagnation of blood in pelvic bodies, and at all not because you have a magnificent blouse with a deep decollete.