How to make a romantic and pleasant surprise for the girlfriend

Romanticism which frightens some men is peculiar to all women, some irritates, some makes laugh and surprises, but only truly loving it attracts and forces to love even more strongly! For this reason the man in love who wants to please in everything to the second half, does everything possible also impossible in order that it was happy with him! An integral part of female happiness, so it was moved, surprises which each lady looks forward from the prince on a white horse (and on the notice to men steadily are: terribly is disappointed if they aren't present)!

For some men to make rather pleasant romantic surprise is a business simple, but for their absolute majority is the real problem! However you shouldn't worry, the output is always!
The simplest and, let banal, but believe my female experience, the romantic dinner is pleasant. However it isn't necessary to confuse it to simple meal at restaurant where absolutely there is no surprise element. It is best of all to do such surprise not on a holiday that for the girl it was absolutely unexpected. For this purpose it is possible to prepare independently, it is possible to order food at restaurant, but the main thing to decorate the room with candle and flowers.
One more option of manifestation of male originality which doesn't require special wastes is an original recognition in the feelings - even the text on a wall of the opposite house for girls looks romantically, but make it beautifully, without the broken hearts and not in black tones at all. Let it will be graffiti which pleasantly is pleasing to the eye, and, above all heart consoles!
The excellent surprise for the ladylove which can become and an excellent gift, is her portrait! Now mass of the artists drawing from the photo, and they can realize her dream (by the way, in secret each girl dreams that it was drawn).
You can give also pleasant gift of darling the hands if you are allocated with any talents. The rose forged by your hands with the text engraved on it about your feelings will become smart option, for example.
However and it not the most unique romantic gift which you can make darling. The most unexpected even if also for your girlfriend what anybody won't be able to make for you better you will become long-awaited is a declaration of love and a sentence of a hand and heart, but make it so that she every time, recalling it, I admired you. For example, let having woken up in the morning, and having quitted on a balcony, she will see the big poster with a text "Marry me!" Believe, such surprise remains in its memory forever!