How it is correct to take Sharko shower?

It is known that regular hydroprocedures are capable to support an organism in a tone and promote longevity. A little forgotten partially procedure which is capable to return beauty to restore health to present symmetry – Sharko shower. The well-known scientist Sharko cured in such a way many diseases. This shower has the indications and features of application.

The shower stimulates immunity, blood circulation in general, including microcirculation. He is capable to help at arthritises and various neuralgia, rheumatism, and also at muscular weakness or tension, is shown at violation of exchange processes, after stresses of various intensity, nervous diseases, different pain syndromes.

This "the shock shower" has a limited zone of influence, quite expressed temperature contrast. Thus, blood flows to various bodies, fabrics, thus the tone of separate cages, including vascular raises.

During performance of this procedure the patient is under water streams, being from their source at distance about three or three and a half meters. At first the patient is processed by a fan stream, and then directed with a pressure about four atmospheres. Thus influence goes on feet, a back, hands, hips, a stomach. Thus skin becomes red. In the beginning influence lasts about one minute, then, after accustoming, it is possible to lead up till 5 minutes. At influence of such shower there is a rejuvenation of skin, regeneration mechanisms turn on, the nervous tension is removed. It is good to undergo a complex of such procedures, for example, before svadby, in the period of the increased tension. Then the wedding hairdress will suit.

However this shower rather painful, it can even leave bruises, especially after the first procedures. You shouldn't be fond of a shower if you have a varicosity, it is impossible to subject these sites to influence of a stream of water. The shower at cardiac pathology is contraindicated, a different look tumors, psychoses, tuberculosis, a hypertension, an illness of kidneys.