Diseases of aquarian small fishes and their treatment.

At the correct leaving of a small fish shouldn't be ill but if it nevertheless happened, at once catch a sick individual a net (better made of polyethylene) and put separately.

How to define, what the small fish got sick?

If the small fish is inactive, hides in dark corners of an aquarium, the trunk is covered with a yellowish film, she is for certain sick. Sick small fishes also often rise by a water surface, catch a mouth air, but it can speak and about a lack of oxygen of water.

What it is necessary to do that aquarian small fishes weren't ill?

Before landing in the general aquarium of new small fishes take them separately within 2 weeks.

Careful disinfection of everything what fishes can touch, including the filter, heaters, stock, will help to warn diseases.

Favorably the condition of fishes is influenced by regular replacement of water.

It isn't necessary to change sharply set day regimen, water temperature and t. Sharp fluctuations of habitual indicators of habitat can cause a stress or diseases.

Reasons of diseases of aquarian fishes

At shortage of oxygen of fish can choke, and at water falls of temperature — to catch a cold.

The raised content in water of calcium causes a disease of eyes in fishes.

How to treat aquarian fishes?

Treat fishes water-soluble drugs about which it is possible to read in special editions.
If unintentionally wounded a small fish or she suffered in a fight with relatives, transplant it in a separate vessel with 5% solution of table salt, but no more than for 10 min. Repeat this procedure on 3 times daily within 2-3 days. Salt will disinfect a wound.

At poisoning with a low-quality forage of fishes put on a compulsory diet and place in a tray 10 mg/l of a methylene blue + 1 g of salt.

Surely remove the lost small fishes from an aquarium that the healthy didn't catch.