How care of a suit?

That the suit bought by you kept the original form, it is necessary to watch him carefully. Here some useful tips which will allow to keep to you a suit for many years.

How it is necessary to carry out cleaning of a suit?

You brush suits soft, especially carefully clearing seams and folds, at least once a week.
Effectively to brush a suit of black or brown color, moistened in hot coffee.
For suits also dry cleaning is shown.

How it is possible to remove spots from dust and a rain from a suit?

Usual spots can be removed from dust and a rain easily if to rub them the rag moistened in liquid ammonia solution (1-2 tablespoons of liquid ammonia on 1 l of water) or in potato juice.

How it is possible to clean a suit from wool?

The suit from thick woolen fabric is brushed rigid, wetted by broth of a soap root which not only deletes spots and dirt, but also restores color of material. It isn't necessary to wash away a soap root, the clothes are recommended to be dried up simply.

How to clean a luster from a suit?

Luster which irons appear on a dark suit from frequent, delete under a vapor jet from a nose of the boiling teapot. Also the luster can be cleaned, having rubbed the become shiny places the cotton wool moistened in tea tea leaves.

How to clean gloss on cuffs, elbows, a suit collar?

The gloss which appeared on cuffs, elbows a suit collar easily is removed the brush moistened in the solution prepared from 3 parts of vinegar and 1 part of water.