How to get rid of spots and eels to teenagers.

At the age of 13 – 18 years of the girl start peering at the face even more often. By this time also the skin type – from sensitive, dry to fat and porous is made out.
Spots will arise much less often if you limit the use of sweet food (especially dark chocolate), strong tea, black coffee, and also a greasy, fried and spicy food. Try to be more in the fresh air. Include fresh vegetables and fruit, fermented milk products in the diet more often.

It is possible to try to eliminate spots and eels in house conditions. Clear slightly weather-beaten face skin of dust, dirt and the died-off cells of skin the wadded disks moistened in lotion, suitable to your type of skin, in a toilet milk or liquid cream. If skin very dry, inflamed, is shelled, you will be helped by washing by the following mix: to bring to boiling liter of water and 200 гр. milk. To leave the received liquid for night to be defended, and then to filter through a gauze and to pour in a bottle. To store in the refrigerator. Before application to take in heat to room temperature. To wash mix in the morning and in the evening without soap and water. After that to grease skin with fat cream.
Fat skin creates more problems as it is inclined to expansion of a time, formation of white and black eels, emergence of juvenile spots. Over time these spots can disappear but if not to treat them, for certain, there will be unpleasant traces. That is why early treatment and prevention are necessary. Already at the first signs of excessive release of fatty greasing on a face (at the age of 12 – 14 years) about him it is necessary to show special cares: systematic degreasing and disinfection.
In the morning and wash warm water with a sponge and a toilet soap in the evening. It is also possible to pound in the soaped palms a half of a tea spoon of baking soda and to apply soap and soda foam on fat sites of the person, then to rinse a face with hot water, and after that – cold.