How tactfully to refuse the offer of a hand and heart?

Each girl since the childhood dreams to marry the beautiful young man. All fairy tales are written how the prince finds the love further they live together. When the girl becomes more senior she, as a rule, already has a specific man with whom she wants to connect the life. But so happens not always. After all having become more senior the girl turns out long-awaited freedom and can decide itself that to do to her with whom to work, than to be fond how to put on and so on. And such freedom can overflow you completely. In particular if you found good work with possibility of career development.
Then you hardly come to marry and give birth to children. Simply to stay at home and do daily household chores not for you, in any case, so far. However what to do if to you the offer of a hand and heart suddenly arrived.

  • If you the girl from a rich family, and the potential groom aren't present, with refusal of problems won't be. You can simply tell that your parents won't approve such marriage. All because parents look for in husbands of the daughter of the young man only of their social status that is also rich. And they won't accept this guy because he isn't rather provided, educated, clever and so on. Of course, the guy can be persistent and try to find out from parents in detail the reasons of their refusal. But anyway after such refusal, about any friendly relations and the speech can't be.
  • The next way will demand from you acting skills and firmness. Even if you won't be able to keep your relations, to adjust companionship it is possible to try. You need to think up the reason for which you can't marry now. And the main thing to keep surely here and to try most to believe that you speak, differently the guy at once will understand that you lie. Tell that you want that your wedding was the best that you dreamed of such wedding since the childhood. But that everything was as you dream it is necessary to earn a certain sum of money therefore so far the wedding should be postponed. But such explanation won't approach if your man earns enough and is able to afford big expenditure for a wedding. Then already you should think up a new plausible explanation.
  • Be simply honest with themselves and with the young man. For a start understand yourself and realize why you don't want in marriage. And then sound all this to the young man. Probably, the man will be able to dispel your fears and to convince you of the return.