How to prepare cocktail from vegetable juice and yogurt Useful tips how to prepare cocktails from vegetable juice and yogurt.

These easy vegetable drinks – simply a well of vitamins. They can be done and drink at all seasons of the year if it is possible to get fresh vegetables, of course.

It is required:
For cocktail with yogurt:

  • 3 average carrots;
  • 1 glass of low-fat creamy yogurt;
  • small bunch of greens of a celery;
  • salt to taste;
  • lemon juice;
  • nutmeg.

For juice from carrots, a cucumber and spinach:

  • 4 average carrots;
  • bunch of spinach or juicy garden cress;
  • 2 average cucumbers.

We do cocktail with vegetable juice:

Clean and wash out spinach and carrots, slightly dry them and wring out juice.
Mix vegetable juice with low-fat yogurt by means of the blender. Pour ready drink on glasses. Add to each glass on a half of a teaspoon of lemon juice and slightly mix. From above strew cocktail with a grated nutmeg.
Tasty council:
If our recipe is to the taste to you, be not afraid to show the imagination. Yogurt can be replaced with favourite air kefir, and a celery – any other spicy greens. Bon appetit! Even more simple and interesting recipes you can find, having followed this link.

We do juice of carrots with greens:

Prepare vegetables: carefully wash out cool water spinach or salad, cucumbers, clean carrots. Slightly dry vegetables on a paper towel.
Pass via the juice extractor at first soft vegetables (spinach), and then firmer a cucumber and carrots.
Merge each of juice in separate capacities. Now mix approximately equal amount of juice, pour on glasses and treat relatives with pleasant vegetable drink.
Tasty council:
It is very good to drink vegetable juice approximately for half an hour to food. He won't dampen ardor, and on the contrary, will prepare your stomach for a breakfast, a lunch or a dinner.