What pluses in kisses?

What the kiss in general means? Rapprochement of two bodies, mutual contacts and penetrations? Or after all it is a way to express the feelings? But after all it is possible to speak in feelings and without by means of words. The kiss is a manifestation of proximity of soul.

When the child is born, his mother can't simply be kept from kisses of a children's forehead, cheeks, tummy legs and so on. It is a certain maternal way to know the child better.

When the native say goodbye to the dead, they also kiss a paper nimbus which covers a forehead deceased, ask about forgiveness about all offenses possible earlier. Such farewell kiss, is the last stage of wires of the dead to other world.

People can kiss at meetings, at the time of farewell, minutes of pleasure, gratitude, also this expression of appreciation, sympathy and a condolence. But the most important — a kiss expresses love. The first kiss of a loving couple, it easy and imperceptible, but nevertheless is capable to awaken sensuality in partners the tenderness. Shy and unartful his manifestation is capable to express desires to merge with the partner a body and soul. When he all-consuming and unsatiable, expresses big thirst of the partner to test proximity with the elect.

When a kiss partners express desires of the soul, whether nobody reflects hygienic it. Though many scientists, solved that such manifestation of feelings long ago, can provoke a number of diseases. They claim that so viruses and infections can get into a mouth, but at this moment of people subconsciously activates antibodies which are capable to protect him. For this reason immunologists so glorify kisses, after all the kiss with a powerful force is capable to stimulate immunity. At the moment of pleasure, human heart accelerates the work, 1 liter more blood more thereby pumps over blood. At such movements, move as well forty facial muscles, thereby strengthening a blood-groove to face skin.

And thanks to adrenalinic emission in blood when partners kiss, improves not only pressure in arteries, but also the organism comes to a tone.

By means of a passionate kiss, it is possible in some way will recover. This anesthetizing which is capable to brake emission of the hormones which are responsible for a stress and alarm. Also the kiss is capable to reduce cholesteric level in blood. One more his positive function is that kissing That he as well as possible promotes burning of fatty deposits