Purpose of wedding flowers

By means of wedding flowers it is possible to show the faultless taste and the high status in society. At the same time the bridal bouquet, buttonholes of the groom and flowers on banquet tables has an ability to create bright festive style.

Main tendencies

Wedding bouquets are urged not only to emphasize style of the bride, but also to be in harmony with the general atmosphere of a celebration. Thus they shouldn't eclipse themselves a wedding dress. They have to emphasize magnificence of a dress, but not eclipse him. Therefore it is better to stop the choice on an elegant white bouquet. However today even more often brides choose bright flowers, up to the purple and saturated red. And here a wide choice of beautiful bouquets of flowers which will approach very opportunely on any holiday's eve, especially a wedding.

Popular options of bouquets

Treat models of wedding bouquets most popular today:

  • Bouquet in the form of the cascade;
  • Small dense bouquet with a large number of greens;
  • The bouquet tied manually.
  • Buttonhole

By means of a buttonhole it is possible to distinguish the groom from the witness conducting ceremonies, family members and other guests. This ornament can have a simple or difficult design determining his price. Most often in buttonholes use roses, small orchids, carnations or freesias. The option when the groom pins to a jacket a flower from a bridal bouquet is represented successful.

Decoration of a banquet room

Flowers are capable to give charm and to set mood to all wedding celebration, simply decorating with itself little tables. Thus it is necessary to take care of that height of the main bouquet was no more than 30 centimeters, otherwise it will close the review to the sitting guests. As a rule, the bouquets standing on tables represent a combination of flowers of two different types in a frame of the branches of greens which are in low vases. Before cutting off a trunk, it is necessary to measure its length concerning a vase. After all if to make him too short, to correct it it won't turn out any more.