How to choose briquettes.Useful tips about briquettes.

To correct an occlusion or curvature of teeth, the system of briquettes is used. By means of such agents as briquettes which cost is quite available, it is possible to give with high degree of efficiency to your smile of appeal. For a choice of briquettes it is necessary to pay attention not only to their salutary characteristics, but also appearance as it will be necessary to wear such system for an appreciable length of time.

Briquettes from metal materials

Similar systems are the very first orthodontic agent which was used to correct an occlusion. If to speak about disadvantages, it is possible to begin with not really high esthetics. Such system should be noticed on teeth. Advantages of metal systems — their available cost and that fact that in this case very small friction between a groove of a briquette and an arch. When you can't often go to the orthodontist's office, it makes sense to pay attention to option of self-regulating system. In its basis also metal material, but there are such briquettes slightly more. Also we will notice that the profile of such system possesses larger thickness.

Plastic breket-systems

On esthetic qualities such systems hold position between briquettes from metal and ceramic systems which are almost imperceptible. They are more expensive, than metal, but are more available, than ceramics. In their basis — the special plastic strengthened by metal grooves, when necessary.

Ceramic systems

Briquettes from ceramics have such advantages, as:

  • obscurity;
  • esthetics.

As well as in that case when implants of teeth get out, the question of cost is very important. Besides rather high price, it is possible to carry the long time necessary for treatment to disadvantages of such systems. To accelerate process, the equipment of a glazing of a groove is used. Besides, metal grooves because of what the esthetics decrease a little can be added.