Dances in night club instead of fitness in the sports hall – why not?

The evening spent in club – the best form of aerobics, is considered by experts. After all the person on a dance floor both jumps, and sweats and that is important, receives especially positive feelings, unlike that he feels, carrying out wearisome exercises under team of the trainer. In it obvious plus of campaigns in club. The similar idea was the basis for unusual trainings of Dance Dance Party Party, is detailed about which it is told in the following article.

The best aerobics for women – club dances

This hypothesis already became a basis for the trainings which are taking place in night clubs only for women. Scientists from university of Cambridge consider that dances in night clubs are the good aerobic loading helping to lose the weight and to be loaded with positive emotions.
As reports the MedDaily portal, this opinion already received a practical embodiment: in clubs of London, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Austin and Vancouver group trainings under the name Dance Dance Party Party are carried out. Trainings represent dances in the dark. A problem of the practising – properly to be liberated and actively to move under music. How exactly – isn't of great importance, the main thing is an intensity.
"Dances can be a fine form of aerobics, – one of authors of experiment doctor Anas El-Turabi commented. – Besides, it is difficult to tire out many people on a racetrack, and here dance brings much more joy. Then, dance positively influences mental health, improving mood, removing stress".
Distinctive features of club trainings is the ban on alcohol and talk. Besides, on them men aren't allowed.