Signs of sex exaltation at women.

Offensive of female exaltation,  depends on ability of the man to present it caress in a prelude. Not the last role is played also by a situation in which everything occurs, therefore as if constantly there is a chance that someone will come, or this place without hint into place for appointments, hardly the woman will correctly react to man's attempts to excite in it desire. 
How to the man to understand, whether the woman is excited? There is a number of external signs.
At sex exaltation the arterial pressure which proves a hurried breathing, heartbeat and expansion of pupils increases,

  • Frequent licking lips, cheeks turn pink,
  • Chaotic movement about the room which often come to an end with collision,
  • The calling poses.
  • Provokes poses.
  • Asks on last sex experiences.
  • Often jokes about sex.
  • Is confused in conversation.
  • Wet hands.

The sign which can't be seen just like that but which confirmation of female exaltation is integral is a lyubrikation (humidification of a vagina). 
It is possible to believe only in foreplay . Optional unceremoniously climb hand into her panties , just put his hand between her legs women, even if a woman in jeans , if a woman is excited, the man will feel warm humidity .

Still , to the visible signs include swelling of the nipple , which is also hard to hide from men's eyes, especially if the man himself is looking for them

However, all these signs, don't say yet that the woman is ready to sex. It is only excited because the human physiology is completely subject to external stimuli, but the consciousness controls the acts. For sex it is necessary to excite also soul of the woman. Therefore "exaltation" doesn't mean "yet I am ready". Because many men consider female exaltation as readiness for sex, there are many situations, unpleasant for both of them.
Therefore that such didn't happen, the man shouldn't hurry. You shouldn't try to seize at the first signs of female exaltation it – very good chance to get "the heave-ho". In this case, the man should find for caress more long time that heat of female passions reached the apogee. In this case chances of sex are peer 99%. Of course, there are temperamental women who are ready to sex even earlier, than men, but such "gifts of destiny" not often meet so — you go more silently, it will be more pleasant!